Our Passion

This is the page where we are supposed to tell you all about ourselves. Sure, we could easily scribble something here that would read exactly the same as the handful of leading London personal training businesses who see themselves as our competitors. You know the drill – “we are a team of the best personal trainers in London. We have numerous top flight qualifications, and will help you lose fat / tone up / look like Brad Pitt / move like Lara Croft…” But if some other personal trainer can write that, what good does it do you in educating yourself as to why Ultimate Performance represents a different fitness paradigm.

You want the lowdown on what we stand for, and why and how that will benefit you. What you don’t need is to read self indulgent, self-congratulatory backslapping about how great we are.

The Way We Work

We think it is easy to talk the talk, but walking the walk is much harder. That is why we are arguably the most transparent personal training company in the world. You can directly interact with our Founder, Nick Mitchell, on Twitter, we have a Facebook page that is updated several times a day, and we have hundreds of thousands of followers across social media platforms. We also have a busy and active Personal Training Forum that allows us to have real and positive dialogue with anyone interested in improving their health and fitness. Via all these mediums it is possible to tangibly see our results, our methodology, and the fact that we take what we do very seriously indeed. Great personal training is never merely a job, it is a way of life.

Ultimate Performance was founded on the belief that excellence and achievement don’t happen by accident, but through the rigorous application of intelligent process and what we like to term “educated effort”. Our goals are very simple – to help our clients achieve their dreams through the highest level of personal training and overall fitness coaching. For us, nothing else counts, and our business is run as a direct reflection of that singular aim.

Our clients trust us to get them where they want to go in the shortest space of time, and in the most enjoyable manner. We have a method and a model behind everything that we do, and constantly adapt and tweak that to each unique individual’s different circumstances, physical make up, and goals. Our passion and commitment to sustained excellence helped us to be acknowledged as the very best personal trainers in our home market of London, and now with gyms as far afield as Hong Kong and Singapore we are widely regarded as the world’s leading results focused personal training company. This is not an accolade that happens by accident. Not with us will you ever find the latest health fad and exercise gimmick – there are no power plates in our programmes! We want what works for our clients – if something is effective we keep it, if not we discard it immediately.

To be the best personal training business requires constant dedication and commitment to our own continued education, and as such you will find that we are informed and qualified in almost every aspect of the global fitness lifestyle. We provide fully qualified advice from trainers and coaches who have all studied with leading certifying organizations and / or have relevant Masters and Bachelors degrees. These world-class academic credentials are backed up by real world experience of training real people to achieve often famous, and even sometimes notorious, results! We have assembled our own dream team of trainers, who can be called upon to collectively advise any one client on his / her particular needs.